The most advanced, and cost-effective system for managing PBX functionality with Multitenant and Realtime capabilities

Multitenant Realtime PBX

The myPBX Platform contains all aspects for the creation of a multitenant PBX, with an easy to use interface to manage more clients in a multi tenant, load sharing and high availability configuration. All configurations are stored in a database to be easily integrated into existing CRM or billing software. All features usually embedded in a more expensive PBX versions can be found in the myPBX Platform.

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Multitenant PBX

A Multitenant PBX is capable of serving multiple distinct clients with a single instance of the software. In other words, each client has a dedicated PBX, but all of them share the same server and the same technical platfrom. With our multitenant architecture, a software application is designed to virtually partition its data and configuration, and each client works with a customized virtual application instance.

Realtime PBX

Many other vendor's PBX systems store configuration data in plain files. Every time a change in the configuration has to be made, the configuration file is changed and the underlying system is instructed to reload its config. This scenario could work for a single instance, single client installation. However, when the number of clients rises, the "reload" action causes temporary underperformance, decreasing the call quality for all the clients. Our Realtime PBX uses a database instead of plain files and configuration is read in real-time, from the database, only when needed. Every change to the configuration is made in the database and it is immediately active, without the need for a reload.

High Availability

The myPBX Platform can be hosted on a single server or deployed on multiple servers achieving both Scalability and High Availability. Each component of the system can be ran on a distinct server and you can increase the overall capacity and resilience by just adding more servers. Each asterisk server can be used by any client, so you can power off any server of the pool without disrupting the services. No info is stored in the single asterisk server, as all the data is pulled from the database servers. A smart caching system, if needed, will save on bandwidth and database servers' CPU power.